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Jackie’s 360 Transformation “The Mind Over Eating Program has changed my life in profound ways. I am healthier. I am happier. My quality of life is the best it has ever been. I am at ease for the first time in ten years since curing my diabetes!” For more on Jackie’s journey to living fulfilled click here.

A Message from Don Shook’s Wife “Don’s health was deteriorating, and he needed to learn why and how he could get his health back.” Find out how Don took his life back and what he and his wife are up to today. Click here for a message from XX, Don’s wife of XX years.

Patsy Dunn Faces the Facts “My first, and probably the most valuable thing that I learned is that weight challenges are a compulsive disorder and I learned that as soon as I faced that fact that I could move forward and meet the challenges head on I was able to start my pathway to living a healthy lifestyle.” To read more about Patsy’s full transformation click here.

Jason Longobardi’s Story “Whenever anyone starts to take a class on how to lose weight or how to gain control of their weight, the first thought is “is this even going to work?” Find out how Jason’s perspective has changed by clicking here!

Thomas Lickteig’s Wake-up Call “I have been overweight for most of my life. I lost 65 pounds utilizing the tools the Mind over Eating program provided me.” Learn how Thomas was able to overcome life’s struggles to lose weight. Click here to read about his journey.

David’s New Life. I consider myself very fortunate to have had the opportunity to participate in the Mind Over Eating Program. I believe that the most important choice I have ever made in my life was to commit to this program and follow it faithfully. It has saved my life and it could save yours too! Find out how David added 20 years to his lifespan by clicking here to read his full story.

Erin’s Bundle of Joy & Weight Loss Success Since my surgery in April 2008, I got married and had a little girl who is now 11 months old. I was extremely worried about losing the weight after having her, because I still had 10 pounds to lose. Click here to learn how Erin’s bundle of joy didn’t derail her weight loss success.

Vicki’s Road to Weight Loss Surgery. My name is Vicky and I joined the Mind Over Eating Program as part of the mandatory requirement for my upcoming bariatric procedure. Find out how Vicki incorporated mindful eating techniques into her pre-surgery nutrition plan by clicking here.

Betty Turns Boredom into Benefit. My name is Betty and three months into the Mind Over Eating Program I lost 28 pounds. In total, I have lost 154 pounds in the last two years after having gastric bypass surgery. To find out how Betty learned to change her thought patterns to benefit her weight loss, click here.