mind over eating

Erin’s Full Story

I could have had the surgery and lost weight but eventually I would have gained it all back. Instead I had the privilege of taking the Mind Over Eating classes. The program taught me about nutritional value and how to become mindful of what and when I eat. Even though the classes taught me to be mindful, I still went ahead with the surgery. But it was due to this program that I was able to sustain my post-surgery weight loss.

Since my surgery in April 2008, I got married and had a little girl who is now 11 months old. I was extremely worried about losing the weight after having her, because I still had 10 pounds to lose. Thankfully the Mind Over Eating classes helped me to get right back to where I was. I am very happy to say that the classes also taught me how to only eat when I am physically hungry and how to reward myself in more satisfying ways. This new lifestyle philosophy stuck with me and it made it much easier to lose the weight after having my daughter.