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Why Mind Over Eating Matters

Developed for Bariatric patients, Mind Over Eating is an innovative 12-step program that is focused on the concepts of Mindful Eating combined with awareness strategies and therapeutic approaches that maximize the mind + body connection in order to achieve optimal life abundance. This non-diet approach provides the tools and techniques that will help you take control of how you think, feel and behave to get the desired results in reaching and maintaining a healthy weight.

Many people find themselves in patterns of imbalanced eating, overeating or emotional eating in response to factors such as stress, hectic work schedules, depression, etc. Research shows mindfulness can help people interrupt unconscious and self-defeating habits, develop a balanced relationship with food, access inner resources, and make healthier choices naturally.

Our training program allows us to provide one-on-one training. The program provides you with the following custom tools in order to improve the overall quality of your life:



A Course By Course Overview

Course 1: What Is Mind Over Eating?

Course one introduces participants to the mindful eating approach and shows each individual how to put it into practice. We begin the journey of shifting our focus to a non-diet approach by becoming aware of and responding to physical hunger, emotional hunger and feelings of satisfaction—all for the purpose of reaching and maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle.

Course 2: The Two Urges that Control our Lives

Course two addresses the two core drivers behind our behaviors: the desire to feel good and the desire to avoid pain. All unconscious decisions are based on these two factors and to achieve long-term behavioral change, it is crucial to understand what we link pain and pleasure to—and how these associations can be changed to support our intention of reaching and maintaining a healthy weight.

Course 3: Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

Course three reveals how a repeated thought, feeling and behavior develops into a pattern, and how that pattern becomes ingrained in our nervous system in the form of physical connections called neural pathways. Through the powerful activities offered in this course, participants learn how to gradually destroy undesirable neural pathways and replace them with desirable ones!

Course 4: Food Connections: Uncovering your Emotions

As we explore our feelings and thoughts in course four, we become able to determine why we behave in certain ways, without blaming others or ourselves. Through a series of enlightening activities, we become aware of the roots of our mood/food connections and learn techniques to address individual feelings, without resorting to food

Course 5: Accessing the Voices of Power

Course five brings increased awareness about the automatic, internal dialogues or thoughts we have that are affecting our current behavior. Participants become aware of which dialogues are prominent in their thinking and learn the tools to reframe these dialogues and thoughts and decrease the internal chatter of unwanted or non-supportive feelings.

Course 6: Did You Know Food can be Your Pharmacy?

Course six shows how chemical imbalances—as well as food allergies and sensitivities in our bodies—can cause a cycle of weight gain and cravings. We learn how to shift the focus from “this food is bad for me” to “what is this food doing in my body?” This course also teaches us how to create hormonal balance within our bodies in order to achieve greater health and long-term weight loss.

Course 7: Game Plan for Tackling Hormones.

In course seven, we discover how food can actually be the medicine in healing our bodies and in losing unwanted weight. Participants are amazed at how making some very simple changes in their relationship with food significantly increases their energy level and improves their overall level of health.

Course 8: Reframing Belief Systems

Course eight delves into the fascinating world of belief systems, which dictate the direction of our lives, both in desirable and undesirable manners. By identifying your core beliefs and where and why you adopted them, you can change the direction of your life.

Course 9:Creating New Patterns

Course nine is an enlightening discovery of how both external and internal eating triggers can cause us to eat unconsciously. Once we have identified our personal triggers, which are often at the root of cravings, we can create an action plan to reduce or eliminate these triggers and be at last in the driver’s seat—taking command of our lives.

Course 10: It’s All about You: Directing your Self-Esteem

Course ten explores our levels of self-esteem. The wonderful insights, guided meditation, positive affirmations and body image exercises will significantly raise the participant’s level of self-love, wherever it may currently be.

Course 11: Self Discovery and Balanced Self Control

Course eleven addresses the powerful connection between self-discovery and self-control, as well as the issue of addiction in relation to food and how spirituality can be a powerful and healing solution. Through specific Mind Over Eating activities, participants are able to identify and greatly improve their levels of self-control.

Course 12: Mindful Based Relapse Prevention

Course twelve explores the difference between lapses and relapses and how to prevent them from occurring. In this final class, we learn how to set achievable short-term and long-term goals, how to reward ourselves in desirable ways and how to stay in balance while maintaining desirable goals for long-term wellness.

Powerful daily lessons in bariatric eating and cognitive behavioral therapies




Guided imagery to help promote relaxation, reduce stress and elevate your mood