Weight Loss Surgery for your Brain

Are you someone that has tried every diet and was left wondering, can I lose weight? Mind over Eating goes beyond the hype, quick fixes, and diets. Our program was developed to help individuals live healthier, happier lives through a multi-pronged approach that embodies nutrition and utilizes therapeutic approaches that maximize the mind + body connection to inspire life transformation.

A journey that will change your life

A personal road map that allows you to uncover jewels of wisdom. Through our Mindful eating techniques, awareness strategies and therapeutic approaches you will learn how to:

  • Stop unconscious self-defeating habits
  • Empower yourself by becoming aware of your inner cues
  • Direct thoughts, feelings and behaviors
  • Develop a healthy relationship with food

What the Doctors Are Saying

Recommended by Bariatric Surgeons & Obesity Experts

“The Mind Over Eating Program has allowed us to further our commitment in providing bariatric patients with a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach that optimizes their long-term weight loss success. Since implementing the Mind over Eating program into our practice, most bariatric patients lost between 5- 10% total body weight prior to having surgery. We are now able to equip them with the tools necessary for permanent lifestyle change.”

James D. Atkinson, M.D., FACS
Medical director, Surgical Weight Control Center of Las Vegas, NV

Recommended by the President of Lifestyle Medicine & Loma Linda Physician:

“The Mind Over Eating program is the most practical approach I have seen to adjust our base for sustained lifestyle change.”

Dr. Wayne Dysinger, M.D.
CEO of Lifestyle Medicine Solutions, former Chair, Dept. of Preventative Medicine, former president of Lifestyle Medicine

Recommended by Weight Loss Experts:

“The Mind over Eating program has assisted our patients in reaching and maintaining a healthy weight. Our approach is to address the whole individual. The Mind over Eating program is a tool I recommend to assist with nutrition and lifestyle intervention. It’s in depth perspective for behavior change is instructive to our patients.”

Dr. Donald Tice, D.O. Board Certified AOBFP
Diplomat ABOM, Fellowship trained ASBP