mind over eating

Jason’s Full Story

Whenever anyone starts to take a class about losing weight or trying to get control of their weight, skepticism can set in and thoughts of doubt lead to questions like “is this even going to work?”  My story is a little different and a lot less skeptical.

Before I met Prudence and Rachel, I was about 275 pounds and gaining. I got a call to help Prudence and Rachel develop videos for their Mind Over Eating Program. At the time I was only focused on filming their classes and little did I realize that there were some nuggets of information that hit home for me. It is important to emphasize that I only filmed the first five courses of the Mind Over Eating Program. While I was editing their videos I watched to the first few classes again and started to put some of their wisdom to use. I began implementing the simplest techniques. If I felt the need to eat something that wasn’t healthy for me, I stopped and asked myself, “do I really need it?”, or “is the food I eat related to an activity, event, feeling, etc.?” I began to ask myself these two questions each time I would eat.

In the past, on my way home, I would start to crave a Jumbo Jack or a Whopper and without any thought, I would get one. Now when I think about it, I stop, I take a deep breath and begin to ask myself…..is this something I really need or do I just want this?  Amazingly, just by asking myself these questions, the need for the Whopper or Jumbo Jack begins to fade away.

The hardest for me was breaking the Monday Night Football fast food eating. But by using the same techniques, I began to become mindful. Ultimately, these two questions launched my weight loss journey.  I also started working out as much as I could and started to see the pounds come off.

I topped out at 280 pounds and now I am at 220 pounds and I plan to make it below 200 to hit my goal of 185 pounds. I wonder how far I could be right now if I actually completed the Mind Over Eating Program. All I can say is…for a guy who only got a small piece of the Mind Over Eating Program, it did wonders for me! If you are signing up for the program, get ready for a new you!
Thanks to these classes I found strength I didn’t know I had and a “me” that was so ready to be thinner and healthier!