mind over eating

Jackie’s Full Story

The Mind Over Eating Program has changed my life in profound ways. I am healthier. I am happier. My quality of life is the best it has ever been. I am at ease for the first time in ten years since curing my diabetes! I am no longer afraid that I will die of a heart attack or stroke due to diabetes. I am no longer indebting my family with diabetic care. I am longer letting diabetes or weight consume my life. I am living now, for the first time in 50 years! I have a new life, one that the Mind Over Eating Program has afforded me.

There is no doubt, as any post-surgical patient will tell you, that many issues can arise from gastric bypass and lap band surgery, some of which are not always physical but psychological. Without a program such as Mind Over Eating, patients are left to resolve these complex feelings and issues by themselves. No bariatric patient should be left to fend for themselves during this life-altering time of life where weight loss and other physical changes occur.

One MUST prepare for surgery both mentally and physically to ensure a successful long-term outcome. Post surgical follow up care is critical and ongoing for every patient as well. I highly recommend every bariatric patient be REQUIRED to supplement their surgical procedure with the Mind Over Eating Program to ensure a more successful outcome in regards to the physical and mental changes which must take place for lifelong lifestyle change.

This program is outstanding in every way and addresses the unique needs of the bariatric patient in all its complexities. It is not a “cookie cutter” program that clumps all overweight people into just one category. It addresses the uniqueness of each bariatric patient and their needs on a very personal and individual level.

Without this program, I would have regained all of my weight two years after surgery. I have used the Mind Over Eating tools on a daily basis for the last two years and am happy to say that I have maintained my weight, I am well adjusted and continue to grow and learn as I travel through my new life as a thin person.