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“The Mind Over Eating program has literally changed my life!” I lost 160 pounds! I can fit in “regular” clothes! I am doing things physically I never thought were possible! The absolute best part is I am happy and I feel normal!” – Jennifer Cleveland- Las Vegas, NV

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The Mind Over Eating program is designed to inspire you to create more Mindful Eating practices in your day-to-day life and to develop an understanding of the “mind-body connection.” This program is weight loss surgery for your brain. This is an empowering process where we become aware of how our body, our emotions, and our overall health are greatly influenced by the way we think. We will explore in depth the relationship between our thoughts and our body.

About the Author

Prudence is a registered dietician, mind-body practitioner and health and wellness coach. She has more than ten years experience in developing local, countywide and national nutritional and wellness programs for schools, institutions, corporations and medical practices. As Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Mind Over Eating program and the Lifestyle 2 Wellness LLC, Prudence utilizes her skills and extensive bariatric background to assist individuals get to the heart of their problems relating to foods and overeating. Practicing the art of mindful eating, Ticknor’s keen insight into understanding her clients’ mindset and everyday challenges emanates from her personal experience and struggles with obesity as a child and young adult.
Prudence is a member of the American Dietetic Association (ADA), Center for Mindful Eating, and the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS). Passionate about cooking and spirituality, she enjoys running, cycling and an is an outdoor enthusiast. She also enjoys reading and maintains a daily meditation practice. Prudence resides in North Carolina with her daughter Felise.



Recommended by Lifestyle Medicine Physicians

“Mind over Eating is the most practical approach I have seen to adjust base for sustained lifestyle change.” – Wayne Dysinger, M.D.; CEO- Lifestyle Medicine Solutions

“My first, and probably the most valuable lesson that I learned from this program is that weight challenges are a compulsive disorder and as soon as I faced that fact I moved forward and met the challenges head on. I was able to start my pathway to living a healthy lifestyle.”


Used by Leading Bariatric Surgeons

“Since implementing Mind over Eating into our practice, most patients lost 5 – 10% of total body weight prior to having surgery.” – Dr. James D. Atkinson, M.D., FACS – Medical Director, Surgical Weight Control Center